Mammito unfollows Butita on Instagram… Did they break up?

  • November 16, 2021
  • Martin Mwangi
  • 1 min read
Eddie Butita

Today marks the day popular comedian Eddie Butita was born. People of all walks of life have been wishing Butita a happy birthday and he seems elated going by the photos seen on his Instagram.

In a twist of fate it seems that the Netflix director who has been rumoured to be dating the top female comedian in Africa Mammito has unfollowed him and restricted him on Instagram.

A query on Mammito’s Instagram returned no results for Eddie Butita as shown below

Recently when Eddie Butita appeared Churchill show he praised Mammito as the best creation that was ever made.

It has never been confirmed whether the 2 are an item but the fact that Mammito has unfollowed Butita tells a lot. Will Butita unfollow Mammito as well? I guess we will have to wait and see…

Mammito and Butita

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